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My Life and Death in a Cult
By Elisabeth Fraser

ISBN: 9781847478184
Published: 2009
Pages: 500
Key Themes: autobiography, cult membership, regained independence


Elisabeths book is written to help those caught up in obsessive spiritual sects and guru movements. Recounting the extraordinary events of a long life filled with great joys and harrowing griefs, Elisabeth generously traces her soul journey of awakening for the benefit and inspiration of others.
After describing her almost idyllic childhood, she covers the circumstances that led to marriage and despite her best intentions towards her family to permanent separation from husband and children, and virtual incarceration and domination within a religious cult.
She relates how a virtually unknown James Bond figure snatched her away, and how they set up a new and happy life together before further vicissitude struck.
Animating the whole is the spirit of her endearing personality and indomitable perseverance; a truly inspiring book.

About the Author

Elisabeth had a lengthy career as an Agent and author for Jarrold Publishing. She wrote three books for them the Scottish Highlands, translated into five languages , An Illustrated History of Scotland 1997)
and Robert Burns.

Elisabeth has been devoted to investigating ways and means of understanding Life since she was twelve years old. From this early age she became interested, through her parents, in the Theosophical Society. Later, after her first marriage she studied Gurdjieff and Ouspensky’s teachings. After leaving the cult in October 1963, she became very interested in Tibetian Buddhism at Samye Ling and later with the Dalia Lama’s teachings. Since 1969 she has been devoted to deeply learning about herself through Krishnumurtis teachings. She is based in Edinburgh where she has an Information Centre for Krishnamurtis Teachings.


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