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One More Email, One More Year
By William Carter

ISBN: 978-1-84747-4124
First Published: 2007
This edition: 2007
Pages: 420
Key Themes: eroticism, desire, obsession, abuse, fiction



When the young Natasha Nemcova arrived in England to start a new life, she wanted to seek her fortune and find the man of her dreams. Instead she found a married hedonist, 35 years older than herself, who schooled her in the arts of love and life. Always vivacious, always seeking new thrills since her troubled and traumatic childhood, she started to become bored, until one day she received an email from a charismatic stranger, that was to change her life. So different from the man that flirted and sought after her. By finally responding to it, she found herself in the exotic world of love and sex through her computer.

About the Author

Born in Langport, Somerset. He had an Irish mother and a French grandfather. He moved to London at six and a half years old. First Bermondsey and then Burnt Oak. From the age of secen he spent time in hospitals and sanatoriums, suffering from tuberculosis. He left hospital at 14 having spent most of his time drawing, painting and making plasters in figures sitting up in bed when he left hospital, he was so weak he had to learn to walk again.

With the help of nuns his mother was a devoted Catholic who worked him very hard, by the time he was 20 he had graduated from the Polytechnic Regent Street and St. Martins School of Art with a BA in fine art and a degree in photography. Later he gained another degree in photography. Later he gained another degree in art and literature.

He then spent one year in Paris where he continued to paint, and it was there that he met Jean Loup Sieff, the internationally famous advertising and fashion photographer, who talked Billy into giving up painting and becoming a photographer. He was Jean Loup Sieffs assistant for nine months, just after Jean Loup Sieff came back from New York in 1966, after working with Sieff he went to Rome where he worked for the magazine Oggi. Then onto Switzerland where he lived in Geneva and Neuchatel, he then went on to work for Rolf Winquest in Sweden for three months.

He opened his first studio in Swiss Cottage, Winchester Road in 1968. He then moved and opened a studio in West Hampstead. He has worked on over 3200 international accounts, shot 31 television commercials, and over 600 magazines worldwide, including Vogue, Marie Claire, Vanity Fair and many others. He has also photographed over 1200 famous actors and actresses, presenters, dancers and musicians. Many awards soon came from around the world and eight prints of his work were hung in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. He has spent much time in America, but also worked in the Far East, Africa, all over Europe, including Russia, Sweden, Norway and Denmark, where he worked on the gold account Tour Line Vingressor. He also worked extensively in Holland and France but loved working best of all in the Far East.

He has been most fortunate to have been working in this medium during a time of great change the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and now the world of digital. He has also lucky that the rich, famous, bourgeoisie, poor and downright interesting have come before his camera.

He has published four books of poetry, of cockney slang poetry as his father tended to speak in rhyming slang. Many of his poems were published in America, and the American Poets Society stated that he was one of the most novel and imaginative of British poets. This is his first novel and although sounding semi biographical, most of it is based on a true story by a famous photographer who unfortunately committed suicide last year. But the photographers family wish him to remain anonymous, and in Billys opinion, all three of the men that lust after Natasha the heroine, have mental problems to some degree, which is another reason he plays the book with yourselves. Here are some of Billys personal thoughts and philosophies.


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