For Madmen only


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ISBN: 9781847474223
Published: 2020
Pages: 236
Key Themes: autobiograhical fiction, schizoaffective disorder, suicidal depressions, paranoid delusions, manic psychosis, professional writing, recovery


This book is one young mans look the world, or worlds which he experiences, internal and external, heavenly and earthly and everything in between. Shaffers lens allows the reader different angles from the norm, different interpretations of our everyday 21st century society.

He hopes to leave us all touched by madness , if not fully fledged, card carrying mad men.

About the Author

Evan Shaffer has suffered from schizoaffective disorder since high
school. Following several years of alternating suicidal depressions,
paranoid delusions, and manic psychosis, he found his voice as a
writer and wrote For Madmen Only, Adventures of a Writer the
picturesque story of his experiences with mental illness and
development as a writer.

He recently received a Masters degree in
Library and Information Science from Syracuse University. However, he
is struggling to establish a career as a full-time writer.


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