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The Mental Health Comedy Show
By Peter Gigi

ISBN: 978-1-905610-72-3
Published: 2006
Pages: 30
Key Themes: humour, mania, script for a pilot episode of a sitcom, mental health musical comedy, mental health services, satire


‘Flipped’ is the script for a pilot episode of a sitcom based on the relationship between a psychiatric doctor and his colleague. Gigi invites the reader to meet people who think they are being watched, doctors with miraculous cures for insanity and the finest theatrical actor in the world, all in a fast paced, surreal world of sketches and songs. This is a heart-warming and hilariously poignant piece of work, Gigi deserves plaudits for his attempt to view mental illness from a different, essentially comedic approach. ‘Flipped’ is THE ONLY mental health musical comedy.

About the Author

Peter Gigi was born in Newcastle Upon Tyne. Educated at the University of Leeds, he lives in the North of England by the deep, dark sea. As a writer and performer he is also a novelist. His first novel ‘When We Were Gods’ is also available through Chipmunka. He is currently working on a second novel. His work continues to explore a fascination with disintegration and outsiders.

Book Extract


DOCTOR: Have a seat. So, how are you? How can I help?

GRAHAM: I’m a bit worried Doctor.

DOCTOR: Worried. Yes, it is worrying, isn’t it? I get worried, we all get worried. It’s all very worrying. It’s worrying…well just worrying. Even the word is worrying. I get worried, all the time. I just sit and worry. We all get worried, worrying. All of us sitting worrying about worrying. Worrying isn’t it? (BEAT) What worries you?

GRAHAM: Well, I’m not sure how to say this; you might think I’m a bit mad.

DOCTOR: Mad? No, no, no, no, I’ve seen it all. Just feel free to say what’s on your mind. I’m here to listen without judgment. I’m here to help you Graham.

GRAHAM: Over the last few weeks I have been watched and followed.

DOCTOR: (ASIDE) Loony, loony, loony.
DOCTOR: Followed. Who do you think is following you?

GRAHAM: I don’t know, but it happens everywhere I go.

DOCTOR: (ASIDE)Ask him if he hears voices?

DOCTOR: Have you ever heard…voices?

GRAHAM: Do you think I’m going mad?

DOCTOR: No, you’re not going mad.

DOCTOR: (ASIDE) You are mad. Off your rocker. (BEAT) Stay calm, stay calm. Or we’ll make you go in the hole. The filthy rotten hole.

DOCTOR: (DESPAIR) No, not he hole.

GRAHAM: What hole?

DOCTOR: Have the voices told you to do anything? Do you feel as if you’re being controlled?

DOCTOR: (ASIDE) You worthless piece of shit. Everybody hates you. Look, they’re all laughing at you. Get back in the hole.

DOCTOR: Shut up. Please, leave me alone.(BEAT) So, the voices tell you to do things?

GRAHAM: No, I don’t hear voices. I’m being followed. Watched.

DOCTOR: (ASIDE) He’s barking.

DOCTOR: Being followed. Mmm, interesting and… worrying. Who’s following you?

GRAHAM: I don’t know they just follow me around and watch me.

DOCTOR: People following you with no apparent reason, people watching you. (WRITING PRESCRIPTION). I think you should try some anti-being-followed pills.

GRAHAM: Will they stop me being followed?

DOCTOR: (LAUGHS) No, no, no, no, they’re not magic beans. The anti-being-followed pills work like anti-mad pills, they don’t stop you from being mad, that would be a miracle. They just stop you from caring you are mad. (HANDING PRESCRIPTION). These little fellows won’t stop you being followed, that would be sheer lunacy, they just make you stop you caring that you are being followed.

GRAHAM: Doctor am I mad?

DOCTOR: Oh yes, absolutely.



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