Feeling Voices


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By Ed Penny

Published: 2023
Pages: 174
Key Themes: Mental Health, Depression, Bipolar, Manic Depression


This book covers the events of Eds epic 2004 breakdown and some of the things that happened to him between then and writing this book. In the past he alternated between believing he was a secret service asset, a prophet, a servant of The Computer God, and a victim of demonic possession. But he has now finally settled on believing he is mentally ill.

This book is useful for people who want to hear a first hand account of what it is like to become mentally unwell and for mad things to happen to you.

It can be taken as a case study, as an account of Schizophrenia

About the Author

Ed has been in the mental health system since 2004 and has been diagnosed as Schizophrenic. For eighteen years he believed the symptoms that troubled him were some kind of higher being and has only recently accepted the fact that he is indeed mentally ill.

He has written things in the past whilst under the influence of his mental illness. He now no longer believes some of the other things he has written. This book is his latest, authentic testimony.

He is no longer insane but is still mentally ill.


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