Fast Track Masterclass (up to160 Copies) 500-1050 Pages


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What Do I Receive?

+ Become number one in our publishing schedule
+ Publication as both eBook and Paperback 5 by 8 inches (Usually within 3 months of receiving your contract)
All Paperbacks are black and white print interior with colour cover, if you require colour images inside your book please ask about our colourbook options.
+ FREE ISBN Number for both eBook and Paperback
+ Your manuscript formatted for publication.
+ Your cover personally designed to our house style (using an image and text of your choice)
+ Your book will be available on the Chipmunka website AND in the global book trade.
– This means it will be available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and all other good retailers.
+ You will receive Up to 160 Copies of your printed paperback.
+ Unlimited FREE Promotional copies of your eBook
+ Great author discounts when purchasing bulk orders of your book.

We distribute to over 39,000 retailers, libraries, schools, internet commerce companies and other channel partners including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google and Apple iBook’s, and other well-known retailers and wholesalers of books.

What else do I receive?

– 3 Day Marketing and Empowerment Seminar MP3s
This is not just your first step on the path to being a published author and sharing your story with the world. It will also equip you with the same tools used by the world’s very best marketers, so you can make sure your story gets heard. This way, not only can you tell your story, you can make sure it is read by the greatest possible number of people, empowering them and helping break down the stigma attached to mental illness. Writing is an amazingly cathartic experience, as I can personally attest, but it also has the power to change the lives of your readers.
– How to sell more books home study course MP3’s
– How to write a book and stop procrastinating home study course MP3’s
– How to be a successful author in your niche – Home Study Course MP3’s
– Unlimited Confidence Home Study Course in MP3 and A4 Paperback

Please note:

Your publishing package includes one complete formatting of the ebook/paperback version of your book. If you send new revisions after formatting has been completed additional charges may apply. You are required to send one word document of the completed manuscript to begin the formatting process.


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