Family help for Schizophrenia


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By Mark Ellerby

Published: 2023
Pages: 39
Key Themes: Mental Health, Mental Illness, Schizophrenia, Personal Experience


The onset of schizophrenia is devastating to the sufferer and their families. Both will need to know what can be done to support their loved ones and if anything can be done to help the new patient cope with the illness. This account of the journey through the mental health system towards recovery will detail ways in which this can be effectively done. Family support is vital to the process of healing alongside what can be done with the professional help available to the new service user.

About the Author

My biographical history is very much dominated by schizophrenia which began at age 21. I had just graduated from university and starting a PhD. course in political philosophy. I had to give up my PhD. after a five year struggle with the illness due to a lack of information to hand about what hearing voices actually is.


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