Eyes Wide Open


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Parenting (and Life) Manifestoes for the 21st Century
By John Breeding

ISBN: 978-1-84747-114-7
Published: 2007
Pages: 80
Key Themes: anti-psychiatry, empowerment, mental health services, North American author

With integrity and wisdom, John Breeding has written a groundbreaking book that deserves the attention of every responsible parent. His absorbing Eyes Wide Open is a wakeup call to parents whose children desperately need protection against the many forms of oppression and exploitation they are now being routinely subjected to. – Leonard Roy Frank, Activist and Editor of The Electroshock Quotation


Eyes Wide Open is an effort to shed some light on the amazing and seemingly unlimited capacity of our species to live and act from a place of denial and unreality. It seems we humans are intensely vulnerable to conditioning, and that large numbers of us misperceive reality and act in destructive ways as a result. Using this book Prof. Breeding attempts to explain how this happens and offers a few thoughts on a way out. The book consists of two parts. Book 1, A 21st Century Manifesto for Parenting, is a practical confrontation of some things parents must face about our highly distressed society in order to protect their children. Book 2, Eyes Wide Open, is a sequel, confronting the fact that protecting our own individual children is not enough, that without significant change in the way humans govern the world, our children will not have a future. This little book tries to crack a chink in the colossus of denial and ignorance, the notion being, to paraphrase the great songwriter, Leonard Cohen, that the crack is where the light gets in.

About the Author

Prof. John Breeding is a father of two from Texas, USA, he was born in 1952. He is a psychology professor who became aware of the problem of modern psychiatry whilst working in mental health services. He always intended to become a Catholic priest until his teens, this would account for the spiritual aspect of his thinking. He is extremely active in campaigning on the negative effects that prescribed medication can have on youngsters in the US.


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