Every Little Thing


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By Cirese Summerrose

ISBN: 9781849910378
Published: 2009
Pages: 309
Key Themes: humour, manic-depression, bipolar disorder, prejudice, women’s issues, institution, California, and Iceland.


Once upon a time, a girl child was born. In most cases, girls grow up fine. THIS girl grew up interesting.

By incredible happenstance, she became a shareholder of a castle, a petty thief, a performance art critic, a victim of guerrilla warfare and organic farming. She did all this, before she got married and had the five kids. Add into the mix a kleptomaniac English Mastiff and the stories only grow exponentially in FUN. More remarkable yet, our heroine threw caution to the North wind and moved to Iceland where she encountered a real Viking, an unreal date or two , went insane, and fell in love with the most beautiful island nation in the world.

Read these short short true life stories, and prepare to laugh out loud. Most importantly, be so very thankful they did not happen to YOU.

About the Author

Cirese Summerrose made her way into the world backwards. Her doctor, seeing that things were amiss, decided to turn her around. Doctors have been trying to turn her around ever since, generally with much less success.

Cirese now lives in Iceland with the Anti cat, Brooks and the surviving house plants. She is currently at work on another book


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