Eternal Reign


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By Julie Anne Cooke

ISBN: 978-1-84747-557-2
Published: 2008
Pages: 24
Key Themes: spirituality, womanhood, belief, writing, happiness


Eternal Reign written in some biblical verses given to Julie Anne Cooke in sentences written in the Holy bible. Julie’s outcome came in a study of two years of energised work. Julie’s notes came to her in a source of Holy worship which was given to Julie in a place of worship in a church of prayer. The obtained manuscript in which Julie had obtained came to Julie by listening to the priest Farther Michael’s speech and sermons relating to Our Farther Jesus Christ. Julie’s study mainly came from sources relating to the church the Holy place itself Love. Julie’s description of the manuscript Eternal Reign came to Julie also by visionary believing in her book Eternal Reign. And by having an insight of visualising a golden delicate fine hand. A hand that gave her a belief unto God. Jesus Christ is in all our hearts with love and promise. Julie wanted to give to the people a message of Love giving to US by US and leaving to US a Holy message Love. The book Eternal Reign leaves the message of God a Eternal rest Love. Amen .By Julie Anne Cooke

About the Author

Julie Anne Cooke had from an early age believed she visualised an Angel in her mothers garden at a tender age. Later in her life she obtained a mental disorder which came a given strive to Julie. Julie’s world became centralised on herself an illness that became a torment. A hidden believe to recover and to stabilise which Julie did later in her later life. Julie’s believe came back to her by finding Love and the Lord Jesus Christ. The writing of this manuscript Eternal Reign gave her balance and freedom to help her to recover to a stabilised life. To put into writing the Love it gave her and a wellbeing. Of being given a gift to write a given insight in depth and colour and description with a biblical verse given in her book Eternal Reign Love. A Love given to all a given Love given to US to obtain a balance of censorship and importance. By a life given to everyone who tenderly enters the world. For which we all live in Love. A tender word Love given to US by the Holiest Jesus Christ. To remember him by for ever until Eternal Reign. Amen. By Julie Anne Cooke

Book Extract

Chapter 1

There was a mist in the air has the skies reached the heavens. Her inner glow glowing with love and rejoice with her Angelical nature. There love unreached until eternity fare. A fare they’ll remember unto the Angel captured the profound prostitute offering her power, depth and beauty. A beauty holding onto everyman that walked upon its graceful steps of power and influence. The bodily pair engrossed in power and strength. Finding one another in a mist of rain and triumph. Her beauty of an angelical angel capturing her inner soul of radiance and defeat. Her defeat was men but there were many coming fast and furious. But her hidden depth of passion didn’t come to her. She had to please herself for a many a year. Her tears falling down her small frail face a pain of love and lost. A love that was never to resume its face of lost virginity and disgust of the faithfulness. A disgust unto itself giving and giving a love freely to its men. A man luring sexuality pleasing themselves with disgust and ungrateful profound prostitute. Her hair of medium brown falling over a hidden face of trust and betrayal. A betrayal she did herself in a mist of fifth and squallier. Her smell of scent of a murky light a light sheltering her beauty. A beauty disregarded by her Angelical nature. A lost of faith and the church and people surrounging her. Her faith mixed up in her family heir into 3 religions of Roman Catholic, Prodestant and Methodist. She started an Evangelical church with a profound group of beginning a young girl of ripe age a virgin under the eyes of God. A youth captured by innocence and ignorance. So she entered an Evangelical church to learn faith and find herself suffocating in Jucos. A Jucos she became a young member of reaching for Evangencalism. So she sat with her brother and sisters all firing an innocence of learning. Groups formed sitting in wooden blocked chairs reaching the warm floors of mottled green specks of light. A light entering the window of salvation and honour. They’d listened on to the teachings of the bible the holy bible of truth and and masterful art of Saints and Prophets. A faith to the believers who wished to remain with them the Holy Grace. A reign of love to come to a young woman of a tender age. Her mother pressing on with goodness and a solid upbringing of learning faith and the faith would hold them steadily into future adulthood. Her father listened on slowly crowding the floor. The floor lifting in silence yet poised with love, honesty and light from a steadily poised devotee of ground rules. His opinions offered unto God on a furnace of hot ash bellowing into the air of fire and smoke. Laughter listened to by God Almighty. Its face mockery lifting merkerely around the fire logged glass fire of burning log and scent. Has we gathered upon the profound smell of broken red sparks. Accepting the fires grit to watch and listen to silently. The farther holding its family together a poised stature of power and influence. His strength belonged to his heavenly elegant poised hands. A hand of a creative carpenter, sculpture and painter. His gift was given to him to capture its fine beauty of ornaments of a Godley sculptured light. A light they all took in surprisingly yet in deep disbelieves. A believe unto that child a child of a sweet nature. A nature quietly missed. A child of shyness and a lack of ability schooling. Her schooling suffocating over her with the puzzles of learning. She learnt like a jigsaw very colourful and shapely forming her inadequacy of autism. An autism she’d remember that would carry her into a puzzled adulthood. A puzzle of building around walls of faith and rejection, a poised head of the church lurking over her. Her baptism drew near holding onto coppers, silver falling down upon her unearthly knees. A sweet child unknown to her was a motherly figure of softness learning before all this could begin she had to read her first book given to her by Jucos, a silvery enlarged book of braille and string a bible. Picturised inside was a red label stuck to the inner bindings of regenerisising a child member of a Angelical nature a serpent to the Lord. Her learning would be the Lord but her first blessing a holy one of that a given solitude bible. Its golden pages flowing through her light engraced fingers. Her first book her smiles bringing on laughter a book she’d read on coming of age but unknown to her but not to her mother. Her mother graced the earth of sandals of grit and sharp stones. Her head being poised softly upon its learning in a good behaviour. Honesty was her key she held that golden key until she became an age of a delightful 21 years of age.


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