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The Complete AGORAPHOBIA Recovery Course
By Joseph O’Neill

ISBN: 9781847476562
Published: 2008
Pages: 311
Key Themes: agoraphobia, recovery, self-help, advice, treatments, therapy


The book is a complete recovery plan for all those suffering from agoraphobia.

It deals with every aspect of the condition and provides clear, simple and effective strategies for full recovery. It adopts a holistic approach which ensures improved general health and fitness that form the springboard to recovery.

Written in clear, jargon free language it explains the condition in laymans terms. It contains guidance on diet, sleep, lifestyle and exercise and explains how these play a vital part in regaining good health. Most important of all are the step by step guidelines for overcoming your fears and living a full life. These enable you to progress at the speed that suits you and to tailor your progress to your needs.

It is written by a former agoraphobic who understands the nature of the illness and knows how easy it is to avoid fearful situations and allow the condition to strengthen its grip. The author explains how to confront and overcome these excuses and motivate yourself to full recovery.

About the Author

Joseph ONeill is a freelance author and broadcaster. He has broadcast and published in both Ireland and Britain. He suffered from agoraphobia for almost thirty years and experienced most forms of therapy during that time. His experience of what works and what does not forms the basis of this book.


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