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By David Roscoe

ISBN: 9781849913430
Published: 2010
Pages: 260
Key Themes: novel, anxiety, depression


The world is under threat from an alien race whose only goal is to extinguish all life capable of standing against them. Their methods are cruel and terrifying, their technology centuries ahead of those of Earth. But there is hope

Two government agents, a psychotic killer, a crime lord and Timothy Bruce, a paranoid neurotic living in constant fear of everyday life, are brought together by a centuries old secret society hidden deep within the Earth. These five strangers are given access to miraculous technologies and unlimited resources with which they can save the world and change it forever.

But not everyone within the group is what he appears to be and before they can decide what to do with their new reality, they will need to overcome their own petty ambitions and root out the traitor within.

About the Author

David Roscoe was born in Carlisle, Cumbria, in 1970 and has worked hard to live a quiet, stress free life ever since. He still has his own hair and teeth. In the late nineties he began writing for a radio industry publication and found it the ideal job, being blessed as he was with the perfect face for radio and the perfect voice for writing.

He is currently keeping a low profile in Sussex where he works on Book 2 of his Enclave trilogy, further exploring the character of Timothy Bruce, an individual who lives in constant fear of everyday life. And there are aliens too. In the book, not in David Roscoes life.

Enclave is dedicated to the memory of Davids parents.


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