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By Ian Gowing

ISBN: 978-1-904697-24-4
Published: 2005
Pages: 14
Key Themes: schizophrenia, science fiction (sci-fi), language, futuristic, recovery


In a distant galaxy an impending disaster is looming. Troius, the graveyard planet of Dagmus 2, is doomed to destruction. Set in 8433AD, is this a tale of the madness to come? The fist Chipmunka book that is completely fictional. Recovering schizophrenic and science fiction fan Ian Gowing draws on his experiences of life in asylums to bring us this highly entertaining and cleverly written futuristic short drama. George Lucas eat your heart out!

About the Author

Ian Gowing was born in 1952 in Lochee, Dundee and was subsequently brought up in neighbouring Perth. Ian was diagnosed with schizophrenia after an 11 year period in hospital. His case had baffled psychiatrists until in 1978 a screening programme revealed that he had been illegally administered a harmful substance 11 years prior. As a result his treatment was changed and he was discharged. Ian has since managed to turn his life around, passing 6 GCSEs and, through his love of language, he has become involved in translation and mediation work. He has travelled extensively in Europe and has lived in Germany. It has been a long standing ambition of his to write a book and with it leave some form of legacy in providing entertainment for others. He is currently involved with antiques and collectables, he is an avid reader and a Glasgow Celtic fan.

Book Extract

In a distant galaxy an impending disaster is looming. Troius, the graveyard planet of Dagmus 2, is doomed to destruction. Consequently, Jet Haley the intrepid earthman is given the task of evacuating Troisus’ immortalised dead by the Supreme Council of Dagmus 2’s leader offering him a fabulous bounty in return. First Haley must lead a salvage team to the dark and foreboding planet Skapa to acquire suitable transport for the dead evacuees. Can Haley accomplish his mission and can he and his team survive the many dangers awaiting them on Skapa? As it is, they accomplish their task with little time to spare. As Troisus explodes in a blinding flash in the heavens, a new heaven is born and with it an age-old prophecy comes into fulfilment in the year 8433 A.D.

Statues of the Dead. The year is 8433 A.D. The setting is the planet Troisus, 1400 light years away from planet Earth in the Omega quadrant. Troisus, with its dank, humid atmosphere and pleasant landscape, is also known as the graveyard. It is used by the inhabitants of the nearby planet Dagmus 2, a highly intelligent race of beings who, although being of short stature (average height 5 feet 2 inches) with yellow skins and large skulls, possess IQs of up to 250. The Dagmars, upon reaching their life expectancy of 170 years, are transported upon death to the preserving house on Dagmus, where their internal organs are removed and their empty bodies are then filled with a quick setting liquid known as Purium and are then stripped of their memory banks to be transferred to Troisus, where they are allocated a special plot where they will be encased in a container made of Perspexal for eternity. Visitors, including relatives, are able to view them by means of obtaining a special permit.

However, trespassing and wanton acts of vandalism to the burial site and its occupants is punishable by death. Not that damage to the graveyard is easily done, as the graveyard is constantly guarded by invisible androids. The unseen sentinels of the sacred place total 15 in number, which are programmed to protect the site. Only authorised visitors are able to see these androids by means of a specially designed helmet and visor. The helmet omits a special signal to the androids so they are identified as bona fide. However, when non bona fides are present on the site, these androids are capable of moving at incredible speed and, as a result, many unauthorised intruders have been reduced to bubbly, frothy, matter as the androids have attacked them by either hitting them at high speed or vaporising them with their weaponry. Understandably, few outsiders have attempted to desecrate the place and those who have ultimately perished.

However, a new danger is lurking deep within the bowels of this planet. Far below the planet’s surface, tremors, rumblings and other seismological disturbances are occurring and are already being recorded on highly sophisticated equipment back on Dagmus 2. These subterranean disturbances had been recorded for some time now and were causing the gravest concern to geologists and seismologists alike at the relevant ministries. Indeed, the interiors of these two buildings resembled beehives on ancient Earth as the personnel there scurried to and fro the Aladdin’s Cave of scientific graphs, computers, etc. available, checking and continually analysing incoming data. Meanwhile, the rumblings continued on Trog.

The Council The Supreme Council, a select body of the galaxy’s twelve planets and the wisest and eldest men of them all, stood around a recording machine. These men, despite being of advanced years, were of equal standing and importance to one another. Only their name and age discs were differentiating. The Chairman, Elius 310, opens the meeting:

“Gentlemen, we are at this very moment receiving disconcerting reports about the volcanic activity existing at subterranean depths on the graveyard planet of Trog. We are therefore obliged to consider such steps in regards to the maintenance of geological stability there as deemed necessary under the circumstances.

Do we have an official report about the matter in question yet, Ronius 375?” “Yes,” replied Ronius 375. “We have already received a report from the seismologist, Darius 310.”

“What does the report state then?”

4 reviews for Empireal

  1. Tony Brewer (verified owner)

    A fantasy drama, exploring the impending disaster of a distant galaxy. Set in 8433AD, Ian Gowing tells the tale of forthcoming madness, and gives the reader an exciting and fascinating read

  2. Hayden Black (verified owner)

    This futuristic drama relates to a mentally ill person in a distant galaxy. Very moving and original.

  3. Tony Rogers (verified owner)

    This book is an amazing science fiction story. Troius, a graveyard planet, is about to be destroyed…read this book to find out what happens!

  4. John Lewis (verified owner)

    This book is a special one to me. It deals with madness, but is still really pure science fiction. I guess a lot of people actually know that I am really keen on sci-fi, and this is the book!

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