Eat Yourself Mentally Fit


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By Pamela Moncrieffe

ISBN: 978-1-84747-990-7
Published: 2010
Pages: 76
Key Themes: mental health, diet, food, medication



This book will give you good mental vision of some of the food that you should eat to keep you mentally fit, and mentally focus. As food is one of the most important areas of our life, I try to put into words a few variations of what can keep us mentally fit so that we can enjoy our daily living more.

Some of us life is almost govern by medication, so we need something to substitute our livelihood, instead of alcohol why not make it food, good wholesome food that will keep you trim, and physically fit but most of all mentally fit.

About the Author

Pamela Moncrieffe was born on the 10th of July 19 48. In the Caribbean Island of Jamaica, She came to Britain at quite an early age, after leaving school she had
several job descriptions until she became serious about her future. She was trained as a nurse, but she did not work as a nurse for long because she suffered from manic depression, and find nursing too confining so she took to the office where she work as an account clerk for several years.

Pamela is a very conscientious person she did not stick to nursing but she love people, so she went back to college as a mature student achieved a certificate in health and social care, she also managed to secure a certificate in community care. Pamela’s world revolved around people, she held several post voluntarily in the field of social care which in knowing her she thoroughly enjoyed.

Pamela wrote the book eat your self mentally fit, to exercise what she love doing most, and that is helping people. At her age she feels that her help will prove more effective this way.

Book Extract

Part 1

What to eat for mental health

Many of us are diagnosed as mentally ill people and is asking ourselves why me? Well mental illness has all the friends in this world. If you are good to all your being in time you will not encounter mental illness unless it is hereditary, if we know of our heredities in time we can some times escape it by taking care of the problem before it begins.

One of the ways of taking care of our heredities is to have thorough examination by our GP for us to be correctly diagnosed is to give accurate statement from the best of our belief, and family history. So communication is the essence of our well -being. In today’s society it does not take long to form an opinion and to start a family tree. It is important to start our family tree with the natural make up of it.

We are just the branches of our family tree the trunk of the tree is what holds the truth of our make up, which is why family meetings is an essential part of our existence some of us feel embarrass at knowing we have an hereditary that could change our lives completely, and so we shun our real family and look to the ones that has a clean bill of health if it is even whilst they are young. Mental illness stem from sources of our mind and body.

The ingredients of good health is knowledge once we know what is going on in our lives we can rectify our illness. It do not mean that we should take it upon ourselves to heal our selves even though the bible said physician should heal them selves, well not all of us are physician so we should seek physician meaning do not be afraid to talk to your family doctor about your well-being.

Some times mental illness could be avoided if we took care of our strange feelings out took on things in general. Our make up is made of several different things and aspects of shield. The food we eat has everything to do with our being the right food can do so much for us, and especially our mental state. For instant if we are 3

Lacking vitamin B we can damage our selves so badly that we could become mental. Now how does the normal every day sort of person would go about sure their body consume the right amount of vitamin B that will help our mental state?

The average person eats at least 3 times a day and part of their intake should be aided with vitamin B there are several food item that holds vitamin B.

For instant malt barley and several nuts such as cashew and the fruit of the cashew the nutrients from the cashew fruit gives to the brain vital stablelising fluid and on a whole cashew fruit is a brain food, which can only be found in cashew nut and fruit it is vital because sometimes it is a deficiency that cause our mental mishap in the first place. Cashew fruit is mention because it is one of the un-thought of source of vital mental food. The cashew nut oil is different from all the other nut oils the starch in the cashew nut is vital to our vitamin B source, it is shaped like a kidney it is also of vital help to kidney complaint.


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