Eat Yourself Mentally Fit


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By Pamela Moncrieffe

ISBN: 9781849914666
Published: 2011
Pages: 102
Key Themes: mental health, diet, food, medication


This book will give you good mental vision of some of the food that you should eat to keep you mentally fit, and mentally focus. As food is one of the most important areas of our life, I try to put into words a few variations of what can keep us mentally fit so that we can enjoy our daily living more.

Some of us life is almost govern by medication, so we need something to substitute our livelihood, instead of alcohol why not make it food, good wholesome food that will keep you trim, and physically fit but most of all mentally fit.

About the Author

Pamela Moncrieffe was born on the 10th of July 19 48. In the Caribbean Island of Jamaica, She came to Britain at quite an early age, after leaving school she had several job descriptions until she became serious about her future. She was trained as a nurse, but she did not work as a nurse for long because she suffered from manic depression, and find nursing too confining so she took to the office where she work as an account clerk for several years.

Pamela is a very conscientious person she did not stick to nursing but she love people, so she went back to college as a mature student achieved a certificate in health and social care, she also managed to secure a certificate in community care. Pamelas world revolved around people, she held several post voluntarily in the field of social care which in knowing her she thoroughly enjoyed.

Pamela wrote the book eat your self mentally fit, to exercise what she love doing most, and that is helping people. At her age she feels that her help will prove more effective this way.


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