Dying to be heard.


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By Paula

ISBN: 978-1-78382-524-0
Published: 2020
Pages: 669


This book is mostly aimed at Professionals and those working with people who are, or who have experienced mental health issues in relation to adverse childhood experiences and sexual abuse. The book begins by exploring an in depth, focused account of the journey the writer went through when living through these traumatic experiences.

The reader is invited to understand this particular journey in order to be able to explore the journal entries and reflections from an analytical perspective. The entries are themselves graphic and explicit, creating imagery that allows the reader to fully immerse themselves into the writers mind. This is intended to challenge the reader and their understanding of mental health issues in relation to sexual abuse, it’s trail of destruction and consequences when not acknowledged.

The book then enlightens the reader of how recovery is achieved when the right support is given and most importantly how critical that support is. This book drives home the message that there is a very fine balance between life and death and acknowledges the huge responsibility a therapist has when presented with that balance. Just as a lifesaving surgeon holds a heart in their hands, a therapist holds a mind in theirs.

About the Author

I was on a hiding to nothing from the minute I was born. I was the wrong sex, covered in yucky stuff, (so definitely not to be touched) and by all accounts caused nothing short of a major catastrophe down there on my way out. A fine recipe for rejection. However, I am a northerner and whilst we are passionate about anything we put our minds to, it can cause challenges when that passion becomes self destruction.

I was neglected, sexually abused again, then again, oh and then again. With a little bit of physical and emotional abuse chucked in for good measure. Therein my passion for self destruction began. It took a therapist of equal, if not more passion for living and more emotional energy than I will ever have to help me painstakingly change my incredibly damaged mindset from one of absolute hopelessness, to the person I have become today. That is my absolute zest for life and a determination to grab life by the short and curlies, live every single day to it’s maximum and embrace everything brilliant that life has to offer. That doesn’t mean I won’t experience loss, sadness, grief or despair again. It just means that I know how to live with all of those things now, because I am me and nobody can ever take me again.

There is a lot being banded around right now saying “if you can be anything, be kind”. Well whilst I agree with that, being kind won’t nurse a wounded soul, it won’t make someone feel human again, feel like they belong.

My philosophy is, “if you can do anything, then listen”. Listen with everything that you have and that will be the greatest act of kindness you can give anybody. Listening makes you feel like you matter, it makes you feel like you belong and it makes you feel like you are seen. We all want to feel like we belong. Listening, really listening to somebody does that and it costs nothing other than your time.


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