Dropped By The Establishment


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By Ed Penny

ISBN: 9781783825820
Published: 2021
Pages: 104


This is the political memoir of a failed politician. You won’t have heard of him. Because he never was. For a short while he was a part of The Establishment but was later dropped by them for being chaotic and maladjusted: a loner, a drug user, and a bully. At around this point he began being haunted by a demon. He believes that the two are very much related. He is now a committed Christian and is very much resigned to living out the rest of his life as a psychiatric case. He believes he was destined for great things, but messed it all up.

About the Author

Edward was born on the Greek island of Rhodes in 1983. In 2004 he was diagnosed as being schizophrenic because after a very memorable psychotic breakdown what he now recognizes as a demonic being began haunting him. He believes that for a few years he was picked by The Establishment to be a potential political figure but that for various reasons he was later dropped by them. Edward is now a committed Christian which has improved his life no end. Although he holds some non-biblical beliefs.


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