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By Lami Okrekson

ISBN: 9781847474032
Published: 2008
Pages: 211
Key Themes: fiction, drugs, youth, friendship, dissilutionment, mental health


This is a book about youth out of control, out of control with no-one to help, no-one to help because no-one cares. In this dark look at youth and their world today, no-one cares about themselves, anyone else or the world. Apathy and depression, greedy meaningless culture, drugs and aggression; these have swallowed everything.

The young have their young friends, but are they too inexperienced and too unprepared by the elders who had a duty to them, to realise that they drifting, and snorting and smoking, into destruction?

And if they realised, would they want or be able to change anything?

About the Author

Lami Okrekson is 19 and grew up in South London. Always an avid reader, Lami began to write short stories at the age of ten and has since gone on to write for small independent magazines in London.


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