Dr Ciprianos Cell


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By Dr CJP Lee

ISBN: 978-1-84991-446-8
Published: 2010
Pages: 288
Key Themes: mental health, fiction, psychology, humour


Conservative psychiatrist Dr Cipriano works on a ward in contemporary England where Professor Hawthorn will do anything to further his own career. Paranoia is rampant on the ward. Desperately needing a break, at a health farm Dr Cipriano begins a relationship with an expatients partner. Suspicious deaths follow on the ward, and Dr Cipriano’s brother is murdered in Cyprus, but then appears in England. Dr Cipriano ends up sectioned on the ward and takes part in Hawthorns specially devised televised group therapy. Dr Ciprianos Cell confronts the binary approaches to pathology concerning the sane and insane, exploding the obsession with power and control which often dominates psychiatric discourse and practice. A Gothic comedy, with powerful psychological insight, Dr Ciprianos Cell plunges the depths and corridors of the psychiatric system in true Kafkaesque style.

About the Author

Born in Middlesex in 1969, just prior to man apparently landing on the moon, Dr CJP Lee studied psychotherapy and abnormal psychology in London, and worked in mental health in London and Liverpool, and in a refugee camp in Eastern Europe, gaining extensive knowledge of psychiatric environments and disorders. While absolute fiction Dr Ciprianos Cell is based on solid facts and truths.


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