Door out of hell


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in Audio format, the book:

“I was initially sceptical about how good a read it would be, based on the fact that it focused on caring for mentally disturbed patients on a psychiatric ward! However I found myself engrossed after the first few pages and completely drawn in by the delightful style of writing.” – Dr Claire Riddell, Oxford University

As Cold War Britain cowers beneath the nuclear threat, school-leaver Alan Hall takes a job he’d never imagined: in a psychiatric ward caring for people with appalling disabilities – from deaf-blind babies to florid maniacs. Steel-faced doors, alarm-buttons, ECT and ‘chemical cosh’ – this is rough nursing and Alan’s baptism is dire. Amazingly he begins to view the ward as a haven of sanity from a world gone mad… until a mystery patient comes and goes in the night. “They say the job’s a one-way trip” – but Alan can walk back out the door whenever he likes… the door out of hell!


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