Don’t Cut My Life-Line


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By Jo Rainbow


ISBN: 978-1-904697-78-7
Published: 2005
Pages: 81
Key Themes: family difficulties, self-harm, art therapy, bravery, recovery


This book explains the complex nature of self-injury from a survivor’s perspective. This is written from the heart not from a medical background. Professional views on the benefits of group work and art therapy are included.

About the Author

Having survived for twenty years by using self-injury I want to share my hope for a brighter future. Today, thanks to a lot of support I have chosen to live. My aim is to share the things that have helped me break free from self-injury.

Book Extract

The legacy of secrets. I remember that summer’s day, the first time I self-injured. Words flashed hotter than the midday sun. Doors slammed, pots, pans crashed across the kitchen. I wish my parents would stop shouting at each other. From my room window I watch Gran’s house, see Gran drawing the bedroom curtains for her afternoon nap. Voices rage downstairs, I pick up my sewing, the lace runner I’m making for Gran. I trim loose threads; trace the scissors over my hand, Gran’s scissors; my hands. As if watching a film I see myself draw blood. The tiny beads of blood match the lace pattern, I am in control. This is my body.

Basic first aid It is important to check wounds, especially if you have been dissociated, that is unaware of events during the act of injury. Ensure the wound is cleaned, kept clean and dry. If the wound is gaping or blistered, seek medical attention. If this is difficult, take a friend for support. Following an act of injury you may feel shocked, distressed, numb, high, any number of different feelings. Take time to consider your emotional needs. For example have a cup of tea, play music, write how you feel, take a nap.

My cutting expresses my deepest hurt. No words, no tears yet my wound cries. From deep within a silent scream emerges, I find release, peace. I have taken control of my body. Tending my wound gives me comfort. Hours later Paul flings open the door. ‘Jo. Jo what happened?’ I stagger to my feet. Blood drips, silent, silent as the screaming in my head. ‘Bad day at work.’ I can’t explain. I feel trapped…. If Paul found out, he wouldn’t love me. I’d be alone. Abandoned.

I feel safe with Paul. Love at any cost? When Paul holds me…when he tells me, ‘I’ll take care of you.’ I know he loves me. Inside, I still doubt him, does he really love me?

How can you love me? I don’t even know who I am! My doubts about Paul’s love for me echo in my head long after my arm has healed. How can he possibly love me? I’ve always been bad… I was so bad mummy got ill. I was never good enough to make mummy better. She was still sad when I left home, now I’ve hurt her again… Caring for a loved one is rewarding, also exhausting. Imagine you are five years old…holding mummy’s hand, wiping her tears away. Listening to words that have no meaning. Mummy keeps crying. Big tears splash on my pink dungarees. I cry too. I want to make mummy happy. Years of caring, sharing, bonding so close. I’m no longer a person.

The first time I self-injured I found a way to survive. This time I’d found a way of drawing boundaries. Marking my body claimed it back for me. I still didn’t know who I was, but the mass evil inside at least had a defining wall, my skin.

6 reviews for Don’t Cut My Life-Line

  1. Julian Williams (verified owner)

    This book is an emotional piece of art, written from the perspective of a self harmer. Timms writes from the heart, sharing his experiences with the reader, making this a fantastic read and a highly recommended book.

  2. Peter Tuesday (verified owner)

    This book has to be concidered as a real cure for people practicing self-injury. Indeed, Jo has gone through it and has chosen to live. Her only goal now is to help people who are living what she used to live…
    A very human book.

  3. Fiona Whelpton (verified owner)

    The author of this inspirational book is a self harmer, but she has survived. She writes about what has helped her to break free from self harm so that others may find hope.

  4. toby Roberts (verified owner)

    This book is an emotional piece of art, written from the perspective of a self harmer. Timms writes from the heart sharing her experiences with the reader, making this a fantastic read and is highly recommended.

  5. Lewis Collier (verified owner)

    This book is well written and it deals with people who suffer from self-injury complex. Thanks to this book, ill people can be better understood.

  6. Leigh Taylforth (verified owner)

    this book can really help them, give them hope and an example from a survivor who have chosen to live!!!
    very moving and interesting!!!
    read it!!!! it is a must!!!!

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