Doctor High Would Like To Review Your Medication


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By Roz Scribble

ISBN: 9781783823017

Pages: 148
Key Themes: travel,


“Dr. High Would Like to Review Your Medication” is a warm hearted and comedic autobiography detailing the life story of a woman with multiple diagnoses especially Schizophrenia from her early twenties. Focusing on bridging the divide between wellness and illness it opens the world of a “Mentally Ill” patient with a funny take on the tragic elements and the periods of wellness where the protagonist seizes the opportunities and travels to seek adventures. Interspersed with intermissions where Mental Health issues are addressed from the “Horses Mouth” there is lots to explore, discuss and consider for everyone including patients and professionals and anyone interested in Mental Health. .

About the Author

Roz was diagnosed with Schizophrenia in 1996 after a decline in her mental state during her teenage years. In London, at University, she studied Jewellery and Silversmithing and worked hard at The Marquee Night Club by Soho. She travelled to Northern Ireland at the age of 21 to get to know her father’s Irish side of the family, and remains there to this day. She believes we can all get well. Creating this book, she states, has been more therapeutic than therapy and is for the anti-stigma movement. She says the book helped her redesign her self-concept. Hence the first chapter is called “The End” and the last “The Beginning”.


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