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By Errol Hewitt

ISBN: 978-1-84991-027-9
Published: 2010
Pages: 140
Key Themes: fiction, science fiction, futuristic



DNA Weaponry, Project Stealthblade is set about 10,000 years in the future where Earth has made contact with other civilizations in the neighbouring galaxies and magic is illegal. Zyi- the main character is a self employed agent doing under cover operations that earn him a living. He has the use of a remote operated butterfly with weapons. Things start to change for him when he becomes ill and Niara, a person from a far away planet had warned him, saying that he is infected with a weapon that was made by forces before his birth. Little does he know that he wasn’t the only one targeted. There are many others also, targeted for deeds that were done in a past life. The weapon of torture becomes active once the rain falls from natural mineral dust in the atmosphere where the weapon has lain dormant for many thousands of years and has spread throughout the universe. This is a story of one man’s illness and his struggle to understand why this is happening and how to stop it. As he is one of the chosen seven to put an end to the torture of millions.

About the Author

Errol Hewitt was born in London in 1972. He moved to Bristol when he was two years old with his sister and mother after a break up between his parents. Living in Bristol for most of his life he went to school and college where he studied graphic design. At the age of 21 he was diagnosed with schizophrenia and his life took a dramatic change into who he was going to be and what he was going to do. After several years of being sectioned and struggling with taking medication he resigned himself to a life long illness and became compliant with taking the tablets. Over the years he studied creative writing and English. Trying his hand at short stories he became passionate about writing. DNA Weaponry, project Stealthblade, has taken him 10 years to write and is his first novel. Finding writing a challenge, for the medicine can make it quite difficult to write, he continues to write to this day and is currently on a new work.

Book Extract

Only a few with the special ability of clear seeing would be able to see the chaotic impressions of the rain on the visually enhanced holographic screen, which made distorted impressions of twisted demons with black weapons, and celestial angels with fiery white swords, at war with each other as they battled for victory in the celestial realm.

Zyi fumbled through the contents of the drawer, searching for evidence. The glow from the visual system radiated his texture with the incandescence of grid lines upon his face; the pulse and burn a soft warm sensation of heat, in contrast with the motionless impressions of the rain.

The butterfly in stealth mode, with motion detector on outside the office, taking 3 seconds to turn to scan the full length of the hallway. A memory card of information lay on the surface next to the projected image of a face; the clarity of colour shown by the quality of the mathematical sequence used, the name Theo Grey in red italicized font below the image. Zyi’s eyes fell to the worktop with the incandescent screen. The memory card came into view and he swiped it off the table. Accessing the information of finances on the mobile station there was a hidden information document. ‘This I hope is what I am looking for,’ he thought to himself with a vague self detachment. It was of no interest to him personally…the information. The only thing that he desired apart from real live models of his obscure fascination with creatures that are extinct was the addition of numbers to his account, so he could afford the beasts in the first place. The motion detector icon flashed into view on the mini comp. His fingers move in a circle on the illusions, he selected…’View’. A picture came alive on the projected image just above his hand. ‘Damn, the security network. They must have got an energy reading from the power used in this room,’ he thought to himself.

The butterfly changed into attack mode. Two small blast cannons unfold from the armoury and turn to aim. Zyi uses the mini comp to target the movement of the men, then he fires five stun charges at the unsuspecting inquisitors. Two were accurate, knocking into them, they stumble, the blast shutting down their bodily movement functions; they collapse onto the floor in shock.
Zyi scans the image of the face on the photo projection into his mini comp, thinking that the image might be someone relating to the money scandal he was being paid to investigate. Then he exited the room with the memory card.
Butterfly, RETRIEVE mode.
In chameleon stealth, he blends into the scenery and runs down the corridor as the butterfly follows.
Butterfly, select: Energyblast. Strength 10.
The sealed window comes closer into view as Zyi fires the energy blast from the butterfly’s weapon, which disintegrates the window and destroys a segment of the corporation’s building, revealing the city’s neon luminescence. Zyi jumps out of the Mega corp building, the gravity boot’s control system and power enhancers come into action as the butterfly lands and attaches itself to its homing point on his wrist. He zooms through the night among the hovering traffic of the metropolis.

Nearing the Atom bar he reduces speed and follows the descent of people and alien life forms that land on the sidewalk- with them it is less conspicuous. The Atom bar is usually monitored by the W.A.S.P.S. (Weapons Against Society’s Political Secrets.) The underground movement of nihilists. Rejecting authority, they take the law into their own hands. They have the use of weapons on their remote operating wasps.
The flux of people enter the bar. A haze of coloured smoke drifts on the cool air from the night’s wind. Zyi walks up onto the first level, peering through the clear transparent stairs at the lights on the way up the staircase. The lights made strange patterns. ‘This place is like a maze… Where is my contact? The sign was a blue dolphin and a red sun,’ Zyi thought.
Walking through the rows of people lining the hall he entered into a fairly large room. A young girl walked by with a smile as a small blue dolphin swam in the air in front of her. ‘This can surely not be my contact,’ Zyi thought. Then he noticed her walk up to a man with a glowing red sun in his eye socket.

The corner of the building looking vacant, he approached with caution, releasing the the butterfly in stealth mode to hover in range. The picture of the butterfly’s view was shown in his left eye rather than on the mini comp. His illusions were on at his fingertips to control weapons. “Silverfire,” Zyi stated as he came into the man’s hearing range. He looked as though he was in the military, a gray stern look with serious concentration lines on his face; frowning.
Then he replies, “Do you have the data and any information?”
“Yes.” Zyi flicked the memory card into view briefly. The man’s eyes flicker greedily for a moment. Then Zyi traces the card along his mini comp feeder-line, downloading the image of Theo Grey into its memory. “Extra information, an image relating to the firm,” Zyi pauses before handing the memory card over and says, “And the icon?”

The man with the fireball eye pulls out an icon card with 23000 credits valid on it. Zyi took the icon as the security guards from the corps building make their way into the hall, “Found ‘im.”
They fire a stun ray at the area, stunning six people including Zyi and his contact. Then the little girl unfolds a vast armament of cannons and mini lasers. She fired at them. Built for war and tactical assassination. Three guards fall and the remaining two create shields of deflection around themselves. The stun ray shuts down as one of the guards drops the ray dispenser. Zyi fires a round of stun bolts from his hand weapon and an energy blast – Strength 7 from the butterfly into the corner of the building, destroying most of the corner of the transparent structure.
A wall of fire erupts from the fire eye of the military man and through the shields of the guards, knocking them onto the floor, with sear marks scorched on their clothing fabric. Then he slips into Clandestine, disappearing out of view.

Zyi blasts off through the opening he created into the heights of the city, butterfly in Retrieve mode. The young girl walks out of the edge of the destroyed segment of the building and down the facade of the structure, using force attraction to remain attached to the surface. She walks off into the crowd. The dolphin explodes back in the building, shattering the glass outwards in every direction.


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