Disorderly Conduct


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By Paul Rucker

ISBN: 978-1-84991-747-6
Published: 2012
Pages: 422
Key Themes: Mental Health, Real Life, Alzheimers


Battling monsters is a job for heroes. So what do you do when there are none to be found?
The story begins with a hydra disguised as an illness that grows two more problems for each one that is conquered. Before long a brain eating zombie emerges that gobbles memories slowly, relentlessly returning to feed over and over. It cannot be killed only endured. A shape shifting demon throws up roadblocks to increase suffering, not content to disguise itself merely as individuals but even taking on the face of an entire title company. Opposing them are people who use humor to fight despair, relationships to forge strength, and compassion to find understanding. The key is not in winning but in accepting the challenge.

About the Author

Just an ordinary man with an ordinary life is how Paul Rucker would have described himself until taken hostage by a battle he could never win, but needed to fight. An administrator at a small school district in Santa Cruz, California, he was born in 1952 in an area of orchards destined to become Silicon Valley. He is the father of three sons all employed in education. His main purpose in writing Disorderly Conduct is to share an experience that changed his life and perspective on mental illness. His secondary reason was to thank all the people who gave selflessly of time and resources to help a stranger, especially Rebecca Bumb and Nelson Hom. Always an optimistic, positive personality, Paul found those qualities severely tested when exposed to the ugliness of a mind unraveling. Ultimately his faith was reinforced by the actions of others that demonstrated an innate goodness in people which inspires them to help others.


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