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By Eileen Chubb

ISBN: 9781783825967
Published: 2021
Pages: 132
Key Themes: abuse in care homes, whistle-blowing, failures of legal system, true story, courage

Everything you need to know about abuse and whistleblowing in a riveting page turner, that will have you weeping, laughing and raging at the injustice.

All royalties donated to the charity Compassion in Care.

This book is an invaluable guide to all those who want to understand abuse and what motivates an abuser.
The books charts the authors shocking experiences as a care worker seeing horrendous abuse of vulnerable people, through to becoming a campaigner and publishing ground breaking work on profiling abusers and rewriting whistleblowing law.
This book will have you cheering for the underdog, the care worker who became a world-renowned campaigner and writer.
The first whistleblower to profile abusers as a direct result of eye witness experiences.
How the first case to use UK whistleblowing law, exposed that law as completely ineffective and yet successive governments failed to act to amend the law, damning other whistleblowers to two decades of injustice.
How real people abused inspired a fight to unmask abusers, protect whistleblowers and put abuse victims at the heart of future UK whistleblowing law.

Eileen is one of the unsung heroines of our time. Years ago, when I opened the first refuge in Chiswick, London in 1971, I was fighting to bring attention to the plight of victims of domestic violence. Nan was the oldest member of our community. She came to take refuge with us after a severe beating from her son. She died as a result of a frenzied attack from him when he was drunk. I was always aware of the level of abuse amongst the fragile elderly people in this country but the battle to even get the subject of domestic violence acknowledged amongst the powers that be in England meant that the plight of the elderly in this country slipped under the radar.

Whistleblowers anywhere in the world have to recognise that they will always be met with derision and abuse. We all grow up with the nursery story of the little boy who pointed to the Emperor with no clothes I always imagined his mother took him off and washed out his mouth with soap. As a nation the English do not like anyone who ‘makes a fuss,’ and I met Eileen when she was already cleaning lavatories to make a living after she was roundly condemned and blackballed by a major Nursing Home provider for daring to criticise their methods of caring for the fragile, elderly patients.

Eileen is an immensely courageous woman, and this book is the story of her fight to gain recognition for the rights of the elderly community to be treated with respect and compassion. She tells the story of her brave and ferocious battle in such a way that the reader will be swept along and able to share her triumphs and the lows of what has become her lifes mission. Her sense of humour never deserts her nor her archaic take on the pomposity of most of her enemies.


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