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By John C V Fisher

ISBN: 978-1-84991-991-3
Published: 2013
Pages: 78
Key Themes: key themes poetry, journey, mental health

Book Description

John Fisher brings you another text from the Chipmunka imprint. This book is one of two halves, a long poem which delves deep into delicious dramas as its sense falls through the pages combined with a novella that follows a flow of consciousness through a perspective of arriving in the city of Los Angeles. The writer asks questions of himself as he deliberates his role in society focusing on how literary creative endeavours match up to what is epic, the eternal essential truths.

About the Author

Born 8 December 1979 in London, John Fisher is interested in making original literary constructions and trips in verse of which this book is an example. This is his third book to be published by Chipmunka and he is grateful for their support and expertise in dealing with mental health issues and the publishing process. It is hoped that this book will be enjoyed with the poetry that it contains as it maneovures through themes and journeys in its engagement with the written word.


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