Diary of a Mixed Up Chick


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By Rebecca King

ISBN: 9781849915779
Published: 2011
Pages: 188
Key Themes: diary, memoir, fiction, dissociative identity disorder


This memoir, Diary of a Mixed Up Chick, follows the main character Faith as she drifts into a mental health breakdown. She is struggling to come to terms with the decline of her father to Alzheimers when she faces the trigger to her breakdown. Gradually she falls further and further into disarray as she is diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder. During this time she experiences amnesia, discovers child parts she never knew existed and recovers raw memories of childhood abuse. It contains an original therapy journal that existed to communicate this abuse to her therapist. It also touches on alcohol abuse, depression, child protection and many other issues surrounding her diagnosis. More than this, it is a bittersweet love story.

About the Author

Rebecca King was born in Wimbledon, Surrey in 1968. As a child, she spent three years living in New Zealand. In 1976 the family settled in Norfolk and she has lived in and around here ever since. She is now living in Norwich with her partner Andrew and her three children. She has had a variety of jobs from clerical to barmaid and she was an executive committee member for First Person Plural, a national survivor run support group for people who suffer dissociative distress and a board member for Involving Service Users, a mental health service user led involvement project. Rebecca is about to start an Open University course and likes to concentrate on her writing.


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