Diary Of A Bipolar Survivor


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By Elaine Fogarty

ISBN: 978-1-84991-974-6
Published: 2013
Pages: 236
Key Themes: Mental Health, Bipolar, BPD, Poetry


‘Diary of a bipolar survivor’ is a compelling glimpse into the world of mental illness. Spanning 30 years, the casual and inviting style shares actual poetry, journal, meditations and Q&A – the unapologetic musings of a bipolar mind.

About the Author

At 13 Elaine wrote the poem ‘suicide.’ She began to self harm and in her 20’s took anti-depressants. She had been suicidal three times in following years but survived each by the grace of a stranger. In 2006 she was again suicidal so decided to make a stand; she gathered journal notes and sat with her GP. After four weeks on a psychiatric ward the demon was named – bipolar II. She acknowledges her bipolar, anxiety, self harm and OCD. 30 years on, she denies them strength born of secrecy and chooses to be totally open about her mental illness.

Book Extract

As I look into the eyes of this new day,
I see the colour of peace and the light of love.
As I rest in the arms of this new day,
Hours embrace and minutes offer up the sweetest kiss.
As I walk hand in hand with this new day,
My breath echoes the music of creation.
All that exists, exists here.
All that is possible, is possible here.

Eternity pours into this moment.


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