Diagnosis: A Volume of Poetry


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A Volume of Poetry
By John C. V. Fisher

ISBN: 9781849914390
Published: 2011
Pages: 105
Key Themes: poetry, mental health, recovery,


This is a book of poems that is not necessarily about fixed ideas or subjects. It is instead something like a rhetorical exercise mostly determined in rhyming free verse. The literature it contains is a form of self analysis as well as self questioning that searches to have a degree of impact on its reader. Mental health is an occupation it incorporates to delineate the voyage it takes through the pages that make up the book. It is hoped it will be enjoyable to read and informative in the areas that it takes place in.

About the Author

John Fisher is an individual who has delved into the metier of poetical creation as well as being interested in popular music and the crazes of the art world. Mental health has been a feature of his existence and much of his poetry is influenced by the treatment he has received. Born in 1979, he has created a few books, is developing his studies as a student and is presently trying to set up a space in order to produce an artistic collective that can develop and display their work.


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