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By Marshall Mays

ISBN: 978-1-78382-254-6
Published: 2016
Pages: 196
Key Themes: Mental Health, Short Stories, Schizophrenia

About the Author

I spent my youth in the rural southland of America. I walked long miles down gravel, country roads. I took excursions through grassy pastures. I kept an eye on the cattle that wallowed in the cool mud aside slowly flowing creeks. I fed sugar cubes to the horses when they came to the edge of their enclosure. I climbed into the hay lofts that were present in the barns, in the farmyards. I laughed at the rats that darted around the hay while tom cats gave chase. As I grew older I continued journeying, wondering, and watching the nature that surrounded me. I crisscrossed the continent in every direction. I am a fully mature man now. I continue observing.


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