Destination Bipolar


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A Desperate Journey Through Addiction, Prostitution And Recovery
By Andrea Clarke

ISBN: 978-1-84991-715-5
Published: 2011
Pages: 108
Key Themes: addiction, prostitution, bipolar disorder, manic depression


This life story proves that even the most stable and loving family who never abused, mistreated or deprived their children in any way, are just as capable of producing a delinquent child who causes them nothing but pain as any so called socially disadvantaged family.
It is not always down to the environment we grow up in, some of us are simply born this way.

About the Author

Andrea was born in 1979 in SHAPE Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe in Belgium, she was the youngest of 3 children. She moved to England in 1991 and began smoking and bunking off school. At 15 she left home and on her 16th birthday, left her home town of Colchester to move to Blackpool with her first love . At 19 she married and was injecting speed by this time. At 21 she started using heroin. At 24 she managed to quit the heroin and finally had a normal life of sorts. Through all of this she had no idea that she had Bipolar Disorder. Finally at the age of 31 she was diagnosed and then the medication began.


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