Depression: My Story Through It


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By Kevin Sutherland

ISBN: 978-1-84747-802-3
Published: 2008
Pages: 108
Key Themes: poetry, depression, relationships, love, positivity


As a “wave of depression” hit him his family and friends would see him just disappear before their eyes and be replaced by a person who was insular, angry, frustrated, confused, lost, worried and alone yet surrounded by people.

This book of easy to read poetry has been written by a person in the grip of depression and are all based on his feelings and the emotions felt whilst going into and out of depression.

It was put together to help his loved ones understand his feelings as sometimes he found it impossible to control these emotions and would have no idea for how long they would last.

Through his poems you will be taken on a journey though his darkest moments, from the diagnosis, being told to take some time “out of the business” and finally to a place which has become a haven of feelings and contentment.

The words reflect the journey taken to the more positive way he approaches life today.

About the Author

At just turned 50 and with everything to live for, Kevin a family man with 4 children has suffered a number of bouts of depression starting in early 2001 when his marriage broke down.

He has tried many types of therapy, reading books, herbal remedies, CBT, hypnotherapy and even oriental medicine.

His depression manifested itself with very low self esteem and not being able to trust those around him both at work and socially. Not able to explain his feelings at the time of depression to those closest to him and not being able to verbally make them understand that there was very little they could do to help.

The process which helped the most was to write down exactly how he felt at the time and then reading the words to those around him.

Book Extract

Waking up this morning

Waking up this morning
Was really hard to do
I wanted to stay in my bed
But that’s between me and you

I can’t let them see I’m flagging
That I cannot cope today
My body aches in every place
My thoughts have gone astray

I stand and have a shower
Wash my hair and shave as well
Try and get enthused about
Another day in hell

I sit and eat my breakfast
Think about my day
I hope it will get better
I hope things go my way

I sit at work and wonder
What might people think?
About this man who cannot cope
I stair and sometimes blink

I drift off into my own world
Where nothing can go wrong
I wish that I had stayed in bed
Because that’s where I belong

I wish that I could stay asleep
And things just pass me by
I don’t need to get involved
But I really need to try

My eyes will tell a story
That I want to be asleep
My body slumped, my mind has gone
I lay here in a heap

The list

I made myself a list of things
To do must start today
But don’t know where I ought to start
My minds in disarray

The tasks I write are not so bright
They are all so easy
They make me feel that I can’t cope
This means I am so queasy

Little steps is what they say
That’s easier said than done
I have a head that’s full of dread
And don’t know what I done

So I sit and think about
The things upon my list
I try and get things underway
But fail to get to grips

Tomorrow is another day
The list will wait till then
So I go back to my thoughts
I am counting one to ten


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