Defining Another Point Of View In Poetry


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Poems and Writing
By Sarah Rose

ISBN: 978-1-84991-758-2
Published: 2012
Pages: 345
Key Themes: poetry, social commentary, mental illness, government policies, employment


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Choosing Social Security, or Defending Work Practices, the Politics of Employment.

As everyone does fearing the days or awaiting them the foreboding of time an ultimate challenge of career and social honesty of finding a job, or rather, being unique and valiant either way if the job suits you and your career or otherwise, lifestyle.
So, now there is the aspect of walking or catching public transport to the Junction, or to the nearest and local Centrelink office to line up in a queue to collect money or fill in forms.

Or the day once fortnightly for the employment unprivileged to line up for a cheque to some social discreditation, of being called a ‘leisurist’ and the world then its sphere that works, so that later it may be responded to and the alarm of some or complaints of the existence of the dole cheques.
Can I have a job?
Not at the point where I need to be taken from my sober conditions at present to be taken from my shell, at sometime where I needed to work, where things are suitable as they are then to spend the rest of my life doing something discreditable and this mistaken social meaninglessness is dishonest.

I also have hopes, for hopeful employment. The government statistics are either up or down, and to view the needs, for work, the wage, and financial independence, if we even need to work personally or not to survive.

Two thirds the number of the population work, while another percentage that eleven percent have nothing to do the day when they may be given the go ahead to join the workforce meaningfully.

I guess there is an answer, there somewhere in fact is an argument, to be taken up, forwards, which is personally even in our family, that if one feels the need to work, the need to spend their time recreationally, or recruit themselves, or squander their personal time and effort to meaningless jobs, which is whether we want personally to work is just a personal decision.

I for example, or Rachel, spend time socializing or otherwise had once achieved something, being a mother, or some other activity. Who is to say that she shouldn’t approach the very issue itself, choosing to work or not, it is a fact lightly won in our family. At present there may be a system of rights whereby if one doesn’t want to work one shouldn’t have to, a system of rights to be won, why work with our lives?

Are we blindly slaving, when we should (some of us at least), appreciate life more? Maybe those non-artisans have the better deal, and it is to them a world to be appreciated.


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