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Adventures in Schizophrenia
By Richard M Clements

ISBN: 978-1-84747-126-0
Published: 2007
Pages: 330
Key Themes: schizophrenia, medication, mental health services, psychosis, obsession with a celebrity

Obsession with a celebrity, in my case with film director Clive Barker and his associates, is a common psychosis. He was my chimera, my phantom them against whom I went into battle. The story becomes more accessible as the jargon unique to the conflict is introduced. I was stretched almost beyond return but the memoir is resolved with sheltered housing, effective medication, and tears of joy at the turn of 1999 into 2000. I was still alive, after many utter miracles of survival, and the book reaches closure during the first moments of an infant millennium. I have been well ever since. – Richard M Clements


Not all schizophrenics are violent. This is a myth that the press would like us to believe, a myth undone by my Richards example. This book is the culmination of a four year project written, from the first person unreliable narrator perspective. It utilizes truth with facts that, however illusory, Richard could not voluntarily create himself. This book documents Richards adventurous learning curves to psychiatric treatment on nine occasions in eight different hospitals for over twenty nine months since 1990, as terrible as being locked in an I.C.U for over nine weeks, as exciting as being the saviour of alien planets, and as beautiful as being released from that same I.C.U to walk under trees that were the tallest things he had ever seen under a blue sky that stretched on forever. This is an inspirational and important book for schizophrenia sufferers. It is perhaps unique, a non-academic work that would appeal to academics, an exciting adventure for the sympathetic, and a case study for mental health professionals to gain a long look into a private world.

About the Author

Richard M Clements is an inspirational author who has survived from acute schizophrenia and now wishes to use his experiences to help others with this disorder. He considers that discussing successful treatment in public is the responsibility for having recovered from illness to those that yet have not. Richard has written several fictional novels and describes creative writing as the mainstay of his self esteem, which is vital. Having a book published has been a life changing experience for Richard, of which he is very proud. For many service users it could be said that empowerment begins with pride, that pride is good. Richard would like to use his experience to counsel other sufferers of schizophrenia, particularly those also prescribed Clozapine, a medication which has kept him out of hospital and happy for over six years.

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  1. Helen Finch Mind (verified owner)

    “I found the book beautifully written, witty, moving and a very interesting and informative read. You get a real sense of what it must be like to live with schizophrenia, and a sense of what it must be like to experience some of the best and worse side of the UK’s mental health services. It is very cheering that there’s such an optimistic ending to the story; the book is sure to enlighten and inspire anyone who reads it.”

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