Deep Blue


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By Colin Mansell

ISBN: 978-1-84991-013-2
Published: 2009
Pages: 137
Key Themes: poetry, love, relationships, prison



Here are some poems from the heart, some are about prison and some are about pain, but hey you can’t cry forever….so some are about life, love and laughter. Remember truth is love.

About the Author

Since writing this book I have become a counselor I did my diplomas at Lambeth College I have gained a level 1 and 2 CPCAB status of qualification and am now in my 3rd year, I believe that poetry is a form of counseling, It can heal the mind and bring peace to our lives, I also work with the homeless, ex offenders, mentally ill, the elderly and with people that have learning problems, I offer advice, friendship and counseling, I help them and in doing so, this helps me.

Book Extract


Walking round in circles
What the Hell’s going on
A never ending story
An ever lasting song
There’s rhyme but no reason
And there’s fiction but no fact
I carry too much pressure
It’s going to break my back
It’s picking up leaves
On a very windy day
It’s a sour tasting pickle
And a boring old wet play
I must be walking on the cracks
My friend to have all this bad bad luck
But I’m a lucky fellow
Because I don’t give a duck


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