Death of a Family


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By Sherree Sheridan

ISBN: 978-1-84991-773-5
Published: 2012
Pages: 67
Key Themes: Mental Health, Family, Relationships, Substance Abuse, Depression


This is the true story of a family torn apart by drugs and alcohol. Sherree tells the story of how her blue eyed blonde haired perfect son, fell into the trap of drugs and alcohol. What follows is years of what can only be described as hell by Sherree. Her lovely polite son had turned into a stranger. With each day that passed, Sherree fell deeper into a depression. Just when Sherree thought it could not get any worse, it did. Her son was involved in a high-speed serious car crash.

About the Author

Sherree Sheridan was born in 1964 in Liverpool. She is now the mother of 2 children. She is a trained therapist and a writer. Her interests include writing fact and fiction novels and poetry, she is also a keen photographer, mainly photographing animals and nature in it’s many forms. Sherree is now putting her experiences to use and trying to help other people who have gone through what she has, or are still going through it at present.

Book Extract

I put the phone down, and felt that familiar feeling again. I recognised the aggression in the voice of the caller, the tears started to well in my eyes. Here we go again, every time you think things are a bit more settled, it happens again. The caller was a drugs dealer after my son. I picked up the phone again and rang my son who was at college. The same old story came out of his mouth, he owed 200 quid this time and the dealer was out looking for him. A few weeks before Christmas and now this hanging over our heads, if times were not hard enough as it is. I knew there was no way on this earth my son could pay that money so yet again it was down to me to pay the dealer off and keep my son in one piece. There was only one thing I could do. I had just ordered a new bed, as I desperately needed one. My old bed had the springs coming through and it was not helping my bad back. Holding back the tears, I set off for town to cancel the bed and get the money back.

With the money now in my purse and held tightly in my pocket, I made my way back through town. Christmas decorations everywhere, Christmas songs being played, people shopping for gifts, yet I had such a deep despair and sadness in me. No joy, no looking forwards to a good Christmas, just a heavy heart. Biting my lip and still struggling to hold the tears back, I went home. I had never felt so alone in all my life. I did not feel there was anyone I could turn to. The one person I had told, the one person I thought I could trust, had threatened to call the police if I did not. Anyone who knows anything about drugs and dealers knows you do not involve the police, not if you want your family to stay in one piece. Thankfully, I talked her out of it and said I would deal with it myself, but it left me feeling I could not tell anyone, for fear of them saying the same thing. The tears now poured down my face, I could not hold them back anymore. When would it all end, when my son finally killed himself with drugs or dealers killed him? I keep looking back to see where I went wrong, but I do not think I did in all honesty. He was brought up well, I was strict, I brought my boys up with standards and morals, yet all it takes is for them to get in with the wrong crowd, and then the battle begins. A battle that ended in a horrific car crash.


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