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By Mark Hoofe


ISBN: 978-1-905610-45-7
Published: 2006
Pages: 18
Key Themes: lesbian, gay & bisexual (LGB), homophobia, film-script, mental health, hearing voices, recovery


Dabda is a short-film script based around the theories of Elizabeth Kubler-Ross regarding grieving and loss. It explores the effects of homophobia upon a person’s mental health and how this can affect them in later life. The film is based around Jason’s dreaming, set in a stark atmosphere, in an empty room. The Narrator is a tall man dressed like a ringmaster in a circus, he is “Society”. The Voices are unseen, they embody “Thought” and are nasty, gossiping type voices. Jason’s sexuality becomes internalised and twisted. He internalises his own homophobia and his angry stance against society in general, which emerges in pointless, ruthless, aggressive sex. The dreamlike quality of the film echoes Jason’s thoughts when he was younger, and although he is more settled and comfortable with his sexuality, he is haunted by the dreams of his earlier life.

Book Extract

The scene opens on a lonely stage in one room, overhead is an unshaded light bulb. Jason sits on a chair in the middle of the room dressed in his underwear, motionless and head down. Walking around him is the tall, gaunt figure of The Narrator who is dressed like some kind of circus ringmaster, in gaudy clothes. He is viciously camp in movement and speech.

Narrator: (Facing camera, beckoning, he begins) I want to tell you a story. A story of how it all began. Of how it was. Of how it is now. Come. Listen.

(From nowhere come The Voices, they are unseen throughout.)

Voice One: He was born an only child.
Voice Two: To parents who are…
Voice One: To him, hypocrites, liars, and yet….
Voice Two: On the surface they appear so loving… but…
Voice One: On the inside they fester like a-
Voices together: Seething sore
Narrator: Why?
Voice One: Why?
Voice Two: Tell us Jason. Why?
Jason: (Lifting his head) Because of what I grew up to be.


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