Cyber Soldiers


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A Trilogy
By Francis Branney

ISBN: 978-1-84991-403-1
Published: 2011
Pages: 137
Key Themes: fiction, cyber, internet, humour


Some friends had met on the internet in a chat room many years ago, Martin the main character in the story goes back to America to meet with his Fiancée, and some of his friends. They start out on an adventure together, not knowing where it will end up.

They will take you on a tour of their digital world…and into the dark side of it…

About the Author

Francis Branney is 36 and lives with his parents in Belfast, I was born in 1974 and I have lived here most of my life. I love travelling and I have been in America, Kuala Lumpur, Philippines and Indonesia. I have loved to write since I was in secondary school, and I remember in class the Teacher asked us all to write a short story, and I did and mine was picked as the winner, ever since then I have loved writing, I love words and the inspiration that they gave me, being able to write short stories as well as poetry.

Before in the past I would write short stories, read over them then delete them, thinking too myself back then, that someday I would like to become a Author, just to prove to myself that I could write and make people smile or cry in a good way, while they read my stories, to bring laughter to their hearts and tears to their eyes.

Book Extract

Diabhal had arrived in the land of the free, it had been a tiring flight from Dublin. This was his third time in America, the other two times where just sight seeing. He had arrived in LAX it had been a wet day the rain was heavy, the clouds where dark like they had been in Belfast most of the time. He passed through the customs and immigration with out a hitch, this time he had a visa not like before.

He made his way out of terminal three and over too the taxi waiting area, he had not long too wait before a taxi had arrived, he got into the taxi and told the driver to go to Riverside close. He was making his way their to see his bro, he had met AnCroiDubh about 7 years ago on the internet in a chat room. AnCroiDubh had lived in Riverside in a two bedroom a apartment on his own, he got rid of his last girl friend cause she blow up his computer.

As the taxi made its way out of the terminal, Diabhal lay back in the seat, the jet lag was starting to kick in, it had been a long flight 12 hours in total. He was glad to get out of Belfast for a while, even though the ceasefire was on the place was still mad, the economy was fecked not enough good jobs to go around, all the good jobs where in Dublin, sure them feckers never liked us anyway they called us the black north, the thoughts of a united Ireland where grim, but all we can do is hope and pray that maybe some day…

The taxi had arrived at Riverside after a 2 hour drive, Diabhal paid the driver and made his way over too the main gate where the apartments where, instead of ringing the bell, he climbed over the fence he had wanted to surprise AnCroiDubh. He made his way to apartment 7 he walked up the stairs silently, not making a noise, he rang the doorbell…

He heard a voice from the other side of the door ‘yeah who is it’ Diabhal replied ‘it’s the LAPD sir could you open the door please in a American accent’ AnCroiDubh ‘really hold on a sec I get dressed’ Diabhal ‘sir, could you please open the door this is important’ AnCroiDubh ‘I said hold on I’m coming’ Diabhal banged the door hard, just then the door opened a little AnCroiDubh was in a dressing gown with the writing “I read your email” across the front of it, AnCroiDubh ‘YOU aghhhh WTF you scared the shit out of me you mofo’ I thought you weren’t coming till tomorrow, Diabhal ‘yeah the flight was changed, and I’m here now you going to let me in, damn hot out here’ AnCroiDubh ‘yeah sure bro’ Diabhal made his way into the apartment it looked like a bomb hit it, there was computer parts laying on the ground, magazines all over the floor.


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