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By John Fisher

ISBN: 9781847479594
Published: 2009
Pages: 271
Key Themes: prose, poetry, politics, thoughts


Prose interspersed with poetries, Conversations is a text which deals with the ambiguities of modern life. It is about the interactions which determine the weighing of language that creates thought in the internal life of the mind. As we live in this era of social disorder and political ideals, drugs and medication, repression and individual expression, fundamental theology and secular atheism this book attempts to resolve the conflict which not only destroys society yet seems to cause the obliteration of personal endeavour. It is representative of these dichotomies and the ironies therein that hold together the balances of existence. And yet, within this textual form of internal dialogue, this seeks to be a book of hope in that night after night follows the birth of a fresh new day.

About the Author

John Fisher is a writer who has created a number of books of poetry and displayed rare samples of prose for publication. Educated at Eton College he has tried to study in further education, travelled a bit and seen at first-hand the NHS treatment of the mental health issue. Currently residing in East Anglia his interests are the history of the region and, in creative disciplines, forms of art which reveal the avant-garde beyond post-modernism.


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