Connecting Kids


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By Sanchita Islam
ISBN: 978-1-84747-264-9
Published: 2004
Pages: 78
Key Themes: poverty, photography, youth, Islam, global view


Connecting Kids explores the notion of what it means to be ‘poor.’
The book interviews slum kids in Bangladesh, street kids musicians in Jakarta and Malaysian and Bengali kids living on the estates outside Kuala Lumpur and Tower Hamlets, London. All the kids in the book are Muslim, this is the one common denominator that unites them. The idea of the book was to find connections that transcended race and global boundaries. There is a one-hour film about their lives shot in Jakarta, Malaysia, Bangladesh and London commissioned by the British Council to accompany the book. The book contains photos and detailed pencil portraits of the kids

About the Author

Sanchita Islam is an artist, writer and filmmaker. She graduated in International History and Comparative Politics at the London School of Economics, Directing and Screenwriting at the Northern Media School and studied Fine Art at Chelsea School of Art and Design. She heads, a company that specialises in London based and international art projects.

Islam has exhibited and screened her films in London, New York, Paris, Germany, Indonesia, Malaysia and Bangladesh. She has also made films in New York, Bangladesh, Nepal, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand and London for the British Council, Arts Council and Commonwealth Institute. Her writing and artwork have been published in New York, Paris, London, Mumbai and Bangladesh.

Islam has published six books to date, ‘From Briarwood to Barisal to Brick Lane,’ ‘Old Meets Young,’ ‘Hidden,’ ‘Connecting Kids,’
‘Avenues’ and the ‘Cloud Catcher.’ Sanchita Islam lives and works in London.


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