Concrete Frog


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By Norah Blase

ISBN: 9781847479983
Published: 2009
Pages: 136
Key Themes: fiction, murder mystery, black comedy, depression, recovery


This is the story of how the depressed writer came to kill a man she once knew, and due to the preceding events was unable to go to the police thus forcing her to dispose of the body herself.

It is a black comedy, written in the first person, urging the reader to understand the twisted reasoning behind the decisions the author took.
It follows the adage of not judging a person until you have walked a mile in their shoes. Here the reader is invited to walk that mile and to wear those shoes.

The story takes the reader through the traumas and trials of a childhood in rural Scotland in the late 70s which is fraught with dangers that moulded the personality of the cowardly writer. It leads into an adult life full of promise yet dripping with disappointment until the moment of life changing clarity arises and a man loses his life.

The disposal of the body and the decisions made, serve to empower the writer and lead her forward into a more fulfilling life and the things which had previously made her weak now give her strength.

About the Author

Norah Blase was born in Scotland in March 1968, at 7.20 am, the second of five children.
Her favourite colour is red and has been since 1989.
She can read a good book in an afternoon and once did the rubix cube in 64 seconds.
Previous jobs include Insurance clerk, waitress, market stall holder, caterer, barmaid, shopkeeper and (ery briefly a Kiss-o-gram.
She loves liquorish, hates reality television, and has horrible feet.
She has one daughter and now lives with her partner and his son in Corby, Northamptonshire.


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