Citadels and Cicadas 


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By David Livingstone

ISBN: 978-1-84747-032-4
Published: 2006
Pages: 11
Key Themes: poetry, schizophrenia, psychosis, science fiction (sci-fi), Christianity


The saying goes that all the best things come in small packages and this is certainly true of this micro-book. David Livingstone brings us a short collection of thoughtful and descriptive poems as he attempts to describe the world around him.

About the Author

David Livingston is a diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic who suffered his first psychotic breakdown in 1990. David has been married for 10 years and has two young children. David is an ex-semi professional footballer and athlete with an obsession for mountain biking who finds inspiration in the surprisingly profound and poetic lyrics of heavy metal music. David has a degree in classical studies and computing qualifications, he enjoys reading about the arts and creative writing.

Book Extract


Antichrist dragon unleashed, snarling at the sanctuary door
Penitent soldier makes lonely petitions like a troubled troubadour
Combat veteran’s solidarity with the fallen- a war of attrition
Genuflects on a foreign soil- holy act of contrition

Tortured souls writhing, turbulent on the muddy trench floor
Got to respect the dignity of the troubled troubadours
Dormant within the gas coma sleep of the near vertigo- no intercession
Healing balm of golden lyres awaken- our twilight nuptials beckon
Join with us at the banquet table, laughing, dancing.
Rejoicing with the troubled troubadours

Nazi goose out of step
No respect for the criterion holy guide book of nature’s covenant law
They’ve got to learn the jig of merriment joy
And the Celtic fables of the troubled troubadours

Nazi skin-deep toleration of race
And skin-head hard, Alpine-cold glare
Can’t the just hold up a flickering, warm, naked candle flame-
Homage to the troubled troubadours

Allied soldiery stripped of flesh
To the bitter, bare bones of confrontation deep
Rise up and feed down the marrow core
With brethren troubled troubadours

Stem the evil tide of cosmic regression-
The cold, shivering embrace of black karma
A nation’s souls entwined, staking their claim
Conjoined, praying for the troubled troubadours

Swearing our sacred, Bardic oaths of allegiance-
Have our fires of passion kindled
Share the emblems of love blossoming
Wellsprings of truth divining
Blankets of deception unveiling
Paths of righteousness treading
Beacon lights in the darkness shining
Fortress walls of ignorance storming
Evil foes of Empire vanquishing

Marching through the arch of triumph
Onward towards the Gate of Eternity
Arms linked together in a chain of unity
Like Jehovah of Armies on His throne of Glory
Beholding Yeshua the Galilean on His Calvary Cross
Holy Ancient Tribe of Troubled Troubadours
Ancient Scribe of Troubled Troubadours.



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