Christophers Story


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The Child Within the Man
By Julie Telfer


ISBN: 978-1-84747-309-7
Published: 2007
Pages: 180
Key Themes: Kanners autism, carer’s story, practical problems, social services, accomodation, family

From begining to end this book kept me riveted and on an emotional rollercoaster. Julie brings Kanners Autism sharply into focus, with all the trials and tribulations the family have experienced. Everyone will take something special away with them from this excellent and informative book. – Rev. Jan McDonald, Mental Health Care Chaplain


Christophers Story was written for my son in the hope of raising awareness of Kanners autism and severe challenging behaviour. It is primarily a story of love and of a determination to remain together as a family, when the only alternative offered was residential care. The book details our fight to secure schooling, accommodation and social services support, the later issue has yet to be resolved. I would truly love others to look beyond the disability and see Christopher for who he really is. I hope this book goes some way towards making this a reality. Julie Telfer

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  1. Paul Kirven (verified owner)

    A great book indicating the obstacles and problems when dealing with Kanners autism, really insightful

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