Christophers Story Part II



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The Child Within the Man
By Julie Telfer

ISBN: 9781847473783
Published: 2008
Pages: 154
Key Themes: Kanners autism, carers story, practical problems, social services, accomodation, family


Christophers Story II has been written after the success of the original paperback, published in the hope of raising awareness of Kanners autism and severe challenging behaviour. It continues the Telfer familys story of love and determination to remain together as opposed to place their son in residential care.

Julie Telfer wrote of the first book I would truly love others to look beyond the disability and see Christopher for who he really is. I hope this book goes some way towards making this a reality.

In Book II it becomes clear that her remarkable work and writing has changed the views of many but that the road towards fair and unprejudiced services and opportunities for all is far from over.

Luckily it also becomes clear that she, her family, and her son, have the determination to continue walking this road.


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