Chipmunka Anthology Volume Two, The



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Four Examples of Mental Health Empowerment
By Various Authors

ISBN: 9781847473820
Published: 2008
Pages: 137
Key Themes: xxx

Volume Two of the Chipmunka Anthology contains four stories very different by equally inspiring stories of mental health empowerment. It includes

Description: A journey into madness

Alistair McIntrye has written a beautifully simple and honest description of how he first experienced the symptoms of his schizophrenia, of how he felt about these experiences and of how he came into contact with mental health services. His story continues with stays in hospital and with his eventual recovery and marriage. Alistairs anecdotal account is extremely witty and his message one of hope.

I wrote this story of mine so people could have some insight into what thoughts, feelings and experiences a person has when they develop schizophrenia.-Alistair McIntyre

Description Analgesia

Analgesia is a two-part journey conveying the memories and experiences of life battling againist clinical depression and anorexia nervosa, expressed through poetry. This is a collection of vivid recollections, raw at times, yet honestly portrayed through these 64 poems.


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