Chipmunka Anthology Volume Three , The



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Four Examples of Mental Health Empowerment
By Various Authors

ISBN: 9781847473936
Published: 2008
Pages: 137
Key Themes: Depression, suffering

Volume Three of the Chipmunka Anthology contains four stories very different by equally inspiring stories of mental health empowerment. It includes

Description Beyond the Bars

In this short book Issir describes her experiences of mental illness and of experiencing mental health services through two large poems and the script of a short play. Issir describes what it is like to live behind bars, both physically in a mental health unit and metaphorically when suffering from crippling mental illness. This is a theme which should resonate with anybody who has been through the mental health system. This is an interesting and revealing book.
I wrote this story of mine so people could have some insight into what thoughts, feelings and experiences a person has when they develop schizophrenia.-Alistair McIntyre

Description Citadels and Cicadas

The saying goes that all the best things come in small packages and this is certainly true of this micro-book. David Livingstone brings us a short collection of thoughtful and desciptive poems as he attempts to describe the world around him.


Description Doodles in Depression

Doodles in Depression is Lorna Murrays attempt to make sense of her clinical depression. This thoroughly researched, yet gloriously random and spontaneous book delves into Lorna’s mind as she comes out as a depressive and attempts to bring herself out of her depression. This is a book that will make sense and possibly bring comfort to fellow sufferers of clinical depression.



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