Chipmunka Anthology Volume Five The



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ISBN: 9781847474438
Published: 2008
Pages: 146

Volume Five of the Chipmunka Anthology contains four stories very different by equally inspiring stories of mental health empowerment. It includes

Description Power of the Mind

This story is about Maraf, Power Punch and Solar Puck and their abnormal world of power and genius; minds creating a vast world of their own. Maraf was born powerful whereas Power Punch received his powers and Solar Puck had begun with them. The book also stars the virus, or slime as you may call it. This is a light-hearted work of fiction, through which Aminur attempts to unravel the inner workings of the mind. EXTRACT

Description Sewer

Jonathans imaginatively written and beautifully worded autobiography about schizophrenia and psychosis is a worthy addition to the mad memoirs genre. Jonathan has suffered a lot – during his internment in an mental hospital and his efforts to reintergrate into society on his release – Jonathan writes about it all with panache and confidence..EXTRACT

Description Soul Collection

Soul Collection is a small but superb collection of poetry written by a long-time sufferer of both schizophrenia and manic depression. Davids poetry is full of expression and pathos as he tries to come to terms with his dual diagnosis and the effect that these illnesses have on his life. The poems reflect the darker days but also celebrate Davids recovery. EXTRACT

Description Stick in the water

Stick in the Water is the original script of a short, existential two-act play about a group of university students, their relationships with each other and with mental illness. Tony is concerned when Mark becomes persausive and negative . Mark is thinking about killing himself and Tony is the one who needs to help his old friend. But could Tony, through his previous bullying of Mark, have caused Marks illness in the first place?
This is an intelligent and sharply written piece that encourages the reader to open their mind to various ideas surrounding mental illness and the relationhips – particularly amongst young men.

Description Why Vicky?

Vicky didnt intend to write a book but it all came about when shortly after the birth of her son Harvey she suffered with severe post-natal depression. Desperate for any kind of release from all the feelings that were going round in my head Vicky decided to write an account of the ups and downs of day to day life. At worst she felt suicidal and totally alone and at best she felt barely able to deal with easy everyday chores and to function as a normal person. When things gradually began to get back to normal Vicky suffered again but this time with ante-natal Depression whilst pregnant with my daughter Grace.


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