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A Narrative
By Fatma Durmush

ISBN: 978-1-84991-180-1
Published: 2010
Pages: 186
Key Themes: narrative poem, schizophrenia, mental health, space


Calestro is near Mars and is the central place with igloos and of course mad people. Igloos and everyone’s IQ tremendously high.
A narrative poem. The central character is Grace? Who is Grace? What is she? Who are all those people?

Who is the Professor?

Dreams of places, fantasy and youth that is the central themes.
Themes go at furious rate when the adopted father wants to have sex with his adopted daughter what should she do?

No one to turn to, turn to crime or murder?

Of course the talking scientists busy with banality creating more gadgets for the work shy.

Every day they sit on their seats and dreams are made.
This is the bases of Calestro.

About the Author

Durmush was born in Cyprus in 1959 and most of her life has been covered by ill health. Which she manages to control through art/writing.

Calestro the book took Durmush through her teens to middle age to write. She started to write Calestro when 17 years old. Thought writing in it perfect she gave it to an ex-boy friend to publish in Turkey he did not do anything with it. Durmush went to a solicitor and got it back.

Then came the manuscript and it was terrible- yet there was something in it. Durmush persevered. When she was 28 Morley magazine wanted to do a print serialisation.
Durmush rushed home to get the Manuscript and fainted at the front door of her house. When she finally got it the editor said he was interested. The editor was sacked because he had been dishonest and it was forgotten.

This year she has finished writing it. She did not give birth but it seemed like a mammoth task which has taken her to many websites but mostly into her own imagination.

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