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By Paul Fearne

ISBN: 978-1-78382-6339
Published: 2022
Pages: 139
Key Themes: Poetry


This book addresses the 19th century English Romantic poet Lord Byron. Byron led an adventurous life, from school, where he completed his first translations from the ancient Greek taken from Aeschylus. He then went to Cambridge, and kept a tame bear in his room. It was not long until Byron, with his third book, became famous. After a rumour sprung up, that he had had a relationship with his half-sister Augusta, he was compelled to go into exile. Firstly, living in Geneva with Shelley and his family, then on to Italy, and Venice. Byron was there during Carnival.

His book, Don Juan, written during this time, follows the life of this great adventurer.

Byron went on to stay at Pisa with a number of English expatriates. Heeding the call to travel to Greece to fight for Greek independence from Turkey, Byron set off. When there, he provided much needed support. Unfortunately, the weather was inclement, and Byron found himself unwell, to the extent that, at 36, Byron passed away.

This book is written in poetic prose. It does not follow Byrons life or work to any great extent. But his life informs the tenor of the writing.

About the Author

Paul Fearne has in his time as a writer written a number of well received books. His first book was launched at the 2010 Melbourne Writers Festival. He was interviewed at that time on Radio National around Australia. His second book was launched at Readings in Carlton. The speeches were broadcast on 3CR radio. Fearne then participated in the Emerging Writers Festival, and was filmed by ABC News 24.

Fearne has a PhD from La Trobe University, and a masters from the University of Melbourne.


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