Bring Down The Moon


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By Eva Le Bon

ISBN: 978-1-84991-646-2
Published: 2011

Pages: 150
Key Themes: Mental Health, Romance, Fiction, Multi-Stranded


Written with sensitivity and compassion, the manuscript Bring Down the Moon straddles the genre of romance and family saga over 50 years. At times romantic, at times tragic It offers an overarching message of hope.

The story initially revolves around the doctors home, the heart of the community in the 60s and sees the joys, adventures and struggles from such a well loved start in life. It becomes an account of the heroine, Fleurs story. It is a story of honesty and veiled truths, with the intensity of emotions as two sisters marry two brothers. How wonderful to have such closeness, Fleur thinks, but is it?

Many a readers nerve might be touched by the layering of stories within stories highlighted through the eyes of Polly from the charity shop, Annie the doctors housekeeper, Fleur the heroine, and Father Francis. Fleurs life takes an unexpected twist when in hearing the reflections of the old priest at the end of his life, she is brought back by an invisible moon to the start of her own.

About the Author

This sensitively written novel is Eva Le Bons first piece of fiction writing.
From the tapestry of her own lived life including her experience as a psychotherapist she has really loved letting her pen write this novel, with no rush, over several years of her life, and has been intrigued by where it has taken her!

At times tear jerking and thought provoking Evas story challenges us to keep on discovering our own pathway through, whoever we think we are, and whatever the cards of life have dealt us, as we write our own stories by the light of the moon.

1 review for Bring Down The Moon

  1. ANTHONY DOYLE (verified owner)

    ‘Really drawn to it, loved the northern roots & the differentand evolving
    survival stories within stories and their provocative and colourful country settings and locations.

    ‘The Moon’ will never quite be the same again, Eva.
    You have an enduring and versatile theme for
    future journeys and reflections that will help me and your readers to digest, make sense and come to terms with life’s challenges and joys.
    loved the invisible strands that connected through time
    Look forward to the television series!?

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